Plan, organize and bring your story to life.

Set the foundation for your writing success using plot templates, character builders, and many other proven tools used by professional writers.

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Plan and Plot your Book

Use Planning and Research modules so you can create all the elements you need to develop your premise.

Write your Book

The manuscript module makes it easy to write your story, change the structure, and manage every scene.

eBook – convert to ePub

Customize every detail of your eBook and export to ePub format – ready for publishing – with one click.

For beginners or seasoned writers alike

If you are just starting to write your story or you are a seasoned pro, we have the tools to help you focus, organize your manuscript, keep track of characters timelines and reach deadlines with minimal effort.

Write an unforgettable story using time proven techniques and structure

Start writing in minutes using pre-defined structures with all the analytics of the platform working for you.


Plan and plot your book from scratch

From premise to final draft, you have all the planning you need: logline, synopsis, timeline, chapters, and scenes. The planning module takes a methodical approach to building a detailed structure from basic building blocks. 

The cornerstone of any writing project

*30-day free trial. Starting from $6.75/month afterwards.

Remember when you looked to your favourite books and wished you can write something as magical?
Writing a novel can be an arduous quest, peppered with messy affairs, bloody encounters, and sleepless nights. And the big question hanging over your head like a neon sign—”how can I turn my writing tricks into real magic?”
Asengana lays out in front of you the map for your quest to tap into that magic. You can now write like a hero who finds their story, releases it into the world, and returns home a professional writer.

Costi Gurgu

Costi’s fiction has appeared in Canada, the United States, and Europe. He has sold 6 books and over 80 stories for which he has won 27 awards,

Focus on storytelling and set free your imagination!

Don’t waste time worrying and keeping track of things that distract you.

The cornerstone of any writing project

Character and Location management

Create fascinating characters and detailed locations with sensorial mapping. Every profile includes useful information as well as connection with every scene in the manuscript based on POV or location selection.

Time Map of your story and characters  – advanced analytics

Real insight into your character’s journey and the timeline of your story. Things get messy when your story has many characters. When a character is POV for one scene in your novel, it’s useful to know if he was born or dead before the scene happens.

The cornerstone of any writing project

*30-day free trial. Starting from $6.75/month afterwards.

The cornerstone of any writing project

Advanced Plot Management and Tracking

The Manuscript module has enhanced tracking features so you can instantly refresh your cross references about plot points, characters and locations related to every scene. You can modify the structure with a simple drag-and-drop.

Reach deadlines with Daily Planning

Once activated, the Kanban Card will help you find with ease and focus on writing the scenes you decided to work on today.

Your writing sessions just got FASTER, EFFICIENT, and more PRODUCTIVE.

  • Daily planning with a Scene Kanban Board allows you to focus on the number of scenes you plan to write in a day.
  • Refreshing your information about the character, location, settings and place in the timeline of a scene takes a few minutes.
  • You can write in smaller time segments. Our users’ experience is that you can set 35-45 minutes aside and write a scene / 900 words at least 3 times a day.

*30-day free trial. Starting from $6.75/month afterwards.